What is CAASFEP?

A professional organization serving State and Federal Project Directors and others in the implementation of No Child Left Behind and state programs.

2012-13 NAFEPA State Leadership Awards

NAFEPA State Leadership Awards

2013 California Award Recipients

The following leaders will be honored with the NAFEPA State Leadership Award at the NAFEPA Conference in Washington, DC in April 2013 .  


Vanessa Galey

The CAASEFP Secretary position is exhausting at best. In addition to being responsible for monthly board meeting minutes, it captures the highlights of the CDE monthly Categorical Director’s Meetings. As her first year on the Board, Vanessa has tackled this position beautifully. Her notes qualify her for a literary recognition.

Linda Parker

The name Linda Parker is synonymous with the Consolidated Application. She is a great support for CAASFEP members completing the Consolidated Application. Linda has been instrumental in the development of the application as it has transitioned from paper to computer to the new web-based system. Her humor is always present when answering questions.

Sandy Sidwell
Sandy has had a long and productive history with CAASFEP and often serves as the unofficial historian. Her valuable insights provide sustained perspective for the Board. When serving as Treasurer, Sandy navigated the complex waters of our non-profit status with the Attorney General. This year, Sandy co-presented regional New Directors’ Workshops.