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Make your voice heard in California (CAASFEP) and in Washington, D.C. (NAFEPA)!

Benefits of Membership: As an association of dedicated professional educators, CAASFEP translates educational goals into legislative action! Not only will you receive timely information on state and federal legislation but you will have opportunities to attend state and federal conferences. As part of CAASFEP’s statewide network, your voice gains strength.


  • Keep legislators aware of the program requirements of special needs students.
  • Provide in-service training for new and experienced State and Federal Program Directors.
  • Continue networking opportunities.
  • Share information on what works in programs for special needs and at-risk students.


  1. To enhance the effectiveness of educators by facilitating communications and providing a forum to disseminate pertinent information that encourages members to discuss and take action on matters of common concern.
  2. To inform and educate members of NAFEPA concerning the implementation and evaluation of federal and state education programs.
  3. To provide members and state affiliates with professional development and aid in the development and dissemination of effective and efficient federal and state education programs.

Membership Form:


Adrienne Balcazar
Membership Chairperson
Los Angeles County Office of Education
9300 Imperial Highway, ECW #291
Downey, CA 90242
(562) 803-8260