Membership Details

Membership Details

Make your voice heard in California (CAASFEP) and in Washington, D.C. (NAFEPA)!

Benefits of Membership: As an association of dedicated professional educators, CAASFEP translates educational goals into legislative action! Not only will you receive timely information on state and federal legislation but you will have opportunities to attend state and federal conferences. As part of CAASFEP’s statewide network, your voice gains strength.

Benefits of CAASFEP Membership:

  • Monthly meeting at California Department of Education (CDE)
  • Collaboratively developed agenda
  • Voice on key issues/topics
  • Networking opportunities
  • Technical assistance
  • Access to CAASFEP website
  • Meeting highlights – emailed monthly
  • Access to Federal resources
  • Access to State resources
  • LCAP updates
  • Topical and relevant work
  • List of members
  • Representation to National Association of Federal Education Programs (NAFEPA)
  • Discounted NAFEPA rate/benefits
  • Federal representation to key issues
  • Student scholarship – input and selection participation
  • Regional workshop opportunities
  • Annual Conference
  • Professional development opportunities

Membership Form:


James Koenig
Membership Chairperson
[email protected]